Shipping information
Weights & Dimensions
Size S M L
Dimension longest+shortest side up to 50 cm longest+shortest side up to 70 cm longest+shortest side up to 90 cm
Price incl. VAT CHF 9.50 CHF 12.00 CHF 15.00

Size and weight limits per parcel

Weight Min. 50 g Max. 20 kg
Length Min. 14,8 cm Max. 175 cm
Thickness Min. 1,0 cm
Format Min. A6 (14,8 x 10,5 cm)
Packaging tips

• Your packaging must be suitable as transport packaging and must adequately protect the contents.

• Make sure the packaged goods have no room to move within the packaging, and use soft padding for lightweight and harder padding for heavy content.

• Always seal your parcel properly and fasten the edges with adhesive.

• More information on our website: Shipping etiquette.

Preparing for shipping

• Consignee address: Make sure your parcel is labelled with a deliverable consignee address (no PO boxes).

• Sender address/telephone: Please specify, so that parcels can be returned.

• Print out the package label and attach it to the package where it is visible.

From dispatch to delivery

• Under shipment tracking you can track your parcel online at any time. All you need for this is your parcel label number.

• Delivery only against acknowledgement of receipt. The acknowledgement of receipt can be requested from us at any time.

• Is your consignee out when we attempt delivery? We offer alternative options for receipt free of charge (delivery to a different address, redirection to the nearest Pickup parcelshop or a one-time signature release authorisation).